Identity Theft & Phishing

Beware of Fraudulent E-mails, Phone Calls and Text Messages

“Phishing” refers to thieves who are fishing for your personal financial information. They are trying to obtain your account numbers, passwords, Social Security number, and other confidential information. Phishers will use e-mails, phone calls, text messages and other forms of communication to obtain your information. The communications will appear to be from a legitimate financial institution or business.

In e-mails and text messages, the links will appear to be the website of a financial institution, but it is in fact a phony site. These phony websites might ask you for personal information. Please don’t share confidential information, such as account numbers or credit card information, with anyone unless it’s from a trusted source.

Please be aware that Stamford Federal Credit Union will:

  • Never ask you to share personal information other than through secure areas of our website
  • Never ask you for your PIN, account numbers, social security number or any other personal information through e-mail

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