September Member of the Month

“ I have been a member of Stamford Federal Credit Union since 2003. As a member, I am a part of a wonderful extended family that has taken the time to know me as an individual while assisting me with my financial needs and obligations.

Over the years the Credit Union has helped me to financially manage life’s happenings! “ SFCU typically charges fewer fees than banks and the fees they do charge are far lower than what you’d pay at a bank. It only takes $25 dollars to open a savings account to join your new extended family. You will never regret it!" — Tracey Bass

At Stamford Federal Credit Union, we want to do more for our members than just cashing a check or making a loan. We hope that each interaction results in a changed life through a loan or financial advice; or a smile at the very least!

Have a story that’s inspiring? Maybe a funny anecdote; or just a general reason why or how being part of the Stamford Federal Credit Union family makes your life a bit brighter?  We want to know. Call or email us from our contact page. You might be our next Member of the Month and winner of an awesome picnic blanket!  Please email today