Our Member of the Month is...

stephanie wilks-johnson


Introducing our January Member of the Month: Stephanie Wilks-Johnson

“I love the Stamford Federal Credit Union because they treat you like family. They are very helpful and pleasant, and you will leave each conversation happy!”

-— Stephanie Wilks-Johnson

At Stamford Federal Credit Union, we want to do more for our members than just cashing a check or making a loan. We hope that each interaction results in a changed life through a loan or financial advice – or a smile at the very least!

Have a story that’s inspiring? Maybe a funny anecdote; or just a general reason why or how being part of the Stamford Federal Credit Union family makes your life a bit brighter? If you are raising your hand and saying, “I do. I do” We want to know. Call or email us from our contact page. You might be our next Member of the Month and winner of this awesome picnic blanket! Please email Edward@stamfordcu.org today!